Depression and Mental Health
October 2, 2022, 3:00 PM

October is depression and mental health awareness month. These are topics often not talked about in our work or personal lives, but mental health disorders are a problem for many church members.  As our world gets more and more confusing, we need to be much more cognizant of how this is affecting the minds of ourselves and the people in our circle.

If you think that you might be struggling with your mental health there are some things you can do to help.  First of all you can talk to someone you trust.  Find someone that you feel comfortable with and just have a conversation.  Let them know what is going in your life and how you are feeling.  Of course, you can always talk to God.  He listens and knows you better than anyone, and He loves you immeasurably!   

Another thing you can do is exercise more and eat right.  It seems like television tells us to eat a bucket of chicken or a gallon of ice cream when you are struggling with something.  That is not a good idea.  Instead make sure you are eating a healthy diet.  Get on the treadmill if you can and run a couple of miles.  Go for a walk and enjoy the beauty of nature.  These things will help you far more than an overload of sugar or cooking oil!

A support group is a good thing to be a part of, especially for those who are struggling with the same issues.  It is a great place to share openly and honestly about what you are going through.  A good support group can help you get through the troubles in your life.  Belonging to a Sunday School class or other group at church can be just what you need to connect with people who can help you.  

One thing I have done when dealing with depression is to read from the Psalms.  There are hundreds of good reminders about overcoming problems and connecting with a far better reality.  

Finding something that makes you happy is also beneficial to your mental health.  It can be something simple, like spending time with your pet or going for a walk at the zoo.  Do a puzzle or watch a favorite movie.  These things can get your mind off of your troubles.  

Remember, you are not alone.  Many people struggle with their mental health.  It is time we talked about it.  

Your church family is here for you,



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