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If I Could Turn Back Time

November 1, 2022, 1:00 AM

On Sunday, November 6...officially at 2 in the morning...we experience the great thrill of turning the clock back an hour.  For some of you it is the only time you will make it to Sunday school.  

 The interesting thing to me is how many people pull into the parking lot, notice that only Matt, Pastor Brian, and Steve are there, and then turn around and head to either Scooters or back home for an hour long nap!  All kidding aside, an extra hour is a precious thing.  There has been many a day where I wish I could go back and redo that past hour.  Was there something  I should have done that I neglected to do?  Did I do something that I wish I hadn't?  Time keeps right on passing by and we are ultimately responsible before God for how we spend each second.

Jesus' disciples found themselves in a predicament where they probably wish they could redo an hour or two.  Their master asked them to pray for an hour.  Then he went off and prayed.  When he came back they were sleeping instead of praying!  Wake up and pray, Jesus implored, so you won't fall into temptation.  Then he went off again and prayed.  When he came back the disciples were asleep again!  Then Jesus went off and prayed a third time.  

When troubled times come where do you find yourself?  Are you asleep spiritually?  If you are then temptation can creep in.  We need to be eternally vigilant, praying without ceasing, so that when we stand before the Father we won't have to wish we could have that hour back!

A great time to pray is Sunday mornings at 8:30 right here at our church.  You can join our Marines for Jesus...the few, the proud, the awake...as they lift up their voices to our loving and listening Father.

Your friend,